Payment Options

Payment of your ICIB Brokerweb invoice can be made via our premium funding service (instalment payment), a direct credit payment, or by credit card.

Payment by Instalment (Premium Funding)

If you wish to pay by monthly instalments via our premium funding service, please contact your broker.

Payment by Direct Credit

You can pay via our Online Payment Tool (below) using the online bank transfer option (Account2Account).

You can also pay via your internet banking by direct crediting our account:

Please ensure you provide your client name and client number as shown on your ICIB Brokerweb invoice.

Payment by Credit Card

You can pay via our Online Payment Tool (below) using the credit card option.

A 2.8% surcharge is applicable to all credit card payments.

Online Payment Tool

This is a secure automated payment tool supported by Windcave using Account2Account (bank transfer) or credit card options.

How to make a payment: ​

If you have any queries, please contact us

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