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Proposals and Declarations 


Give us the information we need to accurately assess your risks and exposures. Fill in key forms here.

To provide adequate protection against risk, insurers need in-depth information about your business. This means providing a proposal or declaration that helps the insurer accurately underwrite your risks and exposures.

You’ll find the most commonly-requested documents below – get in touch if you can’t find the form you require:

Combined Liability

Fire Emergency Levy

Gross Profit Calculation

Marine Cargo

Risk Management 


Protect your business now and into the future with our risk planning toolkit.

Understanding Risk Management 

Risk Management is an attempt to reach into future uncertainty and bring it under control, giving your business the space to achieve its objectives. After identifying and assessing specific risks, a range of treatment and mitigation options can be used to minimise their impact.

This can include:

  • Transferring risk to an outside party through insurance
  • Control measures such as alarms and sprinkler systems
  • Creating plans and protocols for various risk scenarios
  • Disaster response – preparing both an immediate response and ongoing plans in case of natural or man-made disasters

Of course, it’s not possible to completely eliminate risk, but you can reduce it to a level your business is comfortable with.

Once in place, professional risk management can give your organisation reassurance and confidence, creating a climate for entrepreneurship and boldness in a competitive environment. Knowing that you’re prepared for the unexpected lets you pursue your goals and hunt out new opportunities, without letting risk hold you back.

Highlight, assess and treat the risks faced by your business with our checklists and planning documents.