Managing your Christmas party risks

Managing your Christmas party risks

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2022 November 28

The end of year Christmas work do is a well established Kiwi tradition. Most parties go off without a hitch and everyone goes home having had a great time. However, when people and alcohol are in the mix it does create an element of risk that needs to be managed.

There are some simple things that you can do when planning your event to help reduce the chance of any incidents.  

Our top tips are to -

  1. Communicate your expectations to staff before the party about the standard of behaviour expected to help avoid any misconduct.
  2. Remind people not to attend if they are feeling unwell to reduce the risk of COVID. 
  3. Ensure that you are serving food with alcohol as part of good host responsibility and have non-alcoholic beverage options available.
  4. Have a plan for staff transportation at the end of the night - especially for those who may be intoxicated.
  5. Check that any venue you hire has public liability insurance.
  6. If you have hired a large venue or planned an outdoors activity it may be worthwhile considering event insurance in case you need to cancel due to bad weather etc.

Planning ahead means that everyone will have a great time and won't remember your party for all the wrong reasons!