Growing wine is a natural process that can’t be hurried. Along the way, you need to mitigate all the risks that may prevent your wine getting to market such as contamination, spoilage or machinery breakdown. At ICIB Brokerweb we have a well-developed nose for the unique risks within the wine industry and have worked with wineries across New Zealand for over 30 years.

Palatable insurance cover for even the most discerning tastes

Drawing on a deep understanding of industry complexities, we specifically designed Gold Medal Vintage Insurance to protect New Zealand wine businesses like yours, whether you run a large winery, are a label-only operation, or work as a contract winemaker.

With that reassurance, you can focus on day-to-day operations and long-term growth with the knowledge that your business will stay afloat, whatever happens.   

For more than 30 years, we’ve been delivering this suite of insurance solutions with a focus on first-rate service, so you can be assured your business is adequately protected.

Gold Medal Vintage Insurance policy covers -

  • Agreed value for grapes, bulk or bottled wine, including while in transit and export
  • Contamination, spoilage and leakage
  • Winery and vineyard buildings and equipment
  • Vineyard poles, trellises, vines and ancillary property
  • Bulk or finished wine temporarily stored at non-specified locations
  • Machinery breakdown of vineyard and winery plant and equipment
  • The increased cost of outsourcing winemaking and bottling or relabelling following a loss to your facilities
  • The value of the wine that would have been produced from grapes still on the vine following a loss to your processing facilities and where processing elsewhere is not an option;
  • Loss of income for restaurant or cellar door sales and contract processing income
  • Liability arising from damage or injury to third parties and their property
  • Legal defence costs for unintentional breaches of a range of statutes, including prosecutions under Health and Safety, Resource Management and Fair Trading Acts
  • Product recall costs following accidental contamination, malicious tampering or product extortion;
  • Environmental liability

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