Vehicle rental industry

As a seasonal business, rental car companies need insurance that enables them the flexibility to easily add or remove vehicles based on any changes in their business environment.

Driving down risk in the rental vehicle industry for over 30 years

Renting vehicles to the public comes with inherent risks, from property damage to serious injury and death.  Our Rental Car scheme enables us to negotiate ‘best terms’ through economies of scale, and leverage the bargaining power of the group to achieve enhanced cover and competitive pricing with insurers.

Insurance for rental vehicles is a significant annual operating expense so accessing the ARCCO Rental Car Scheme ensures you have competitively priced insurance and consistency year-on-year for insurance costs for your motor fleet.

Drawing on our in-depth understanding of these risks, we have developed a competitive insurance programme that is designed to protect your business against all the property, motor vehicle, and liability exposures associated with the rental vehicle industry. It can easily be adapted to meet individual needs as required. Key benefits of our vehicle rental insurance cover include –

  • Competitively prices insurance for rental vehicles
  • Consistency of premiums year on year
  • Access to our dedicated and proven repair network
  • Repairs that come with a guarantee
  • In the event of a loss, access to digital assessments
  • Comprehensive cover to meet the regulatory requirements for rental vehicles
  • Terms and conditions specific for rental car companies

The Associated Rental Car Company (ARCCO)

ICIB Brokerweb created a dedicated insurance facility for small to medium sized rental car companies over 30 years ago. The Associated Rental Car Company (ARCCO) brand has ensured continuous and competitive insurance cover has been available to NZ rental vehicle operators throughout. 

The ARCCO scheme is designed to protect your business not only against the risks of vehicle rental, but the costs associated with insurance. The chief purpose of the scheme is full coverage insurance for member companies, with terms that are cost-competitive and stable year-on-year.

Joining the scheme gives you reassurance that your business will be able to protect itself with appropriate, affordable insurance for years to come. 

To protect your vehicle rental business

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