If your home and place of business are one and the same, your insurance needs to reflect that reality. In the rural sector, the professional and personal are often interconnected, making insurance cover more complex.

Rural insurance cover

ICIB Brokerweb's rural insurance solutions are designed to protect against the unique risks associated with farming and other rural industries, so you can focus on running your business. 

Rural insurance cover includes: 

  • Home and contents
  • Farm assets and buildings including fences, gates, railings and yards
  • Motor vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes, planes, choppers, pleasure craft and motorhomes
  • Livestock, including farm dogs and working horses, for injury, theft and death
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Meat contamination cover
  • Business interruption cover with extensions for loss of profit due to irrigator loss, loss of usage of a dairy or shearing sheds, additional costs incurred to use alternative facilities in the event of a loss (shearing or miking sheds) and the accounting costs associated with preparing a claim for your lost profits
  • General liability to cover costs associated with accidental damage to neighbouring farms or other third-party property
  • Statutory liability to cover legal defence costs in relation the accidental breaches of government acts such as the Resource Management or Health & Safety Act

To protect your rural business and your people

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