Payment Solutions

Protect your business against risk - without risking your financial health. ICIB Brokerweb's Payment Solutions service lets you spread the cost of insurance over the year, eliminating large upfront costs and making it easier to manage cash flow. By consolidating multiple policies into one contract, you pay for all your cover through a single payment plan. 

In conjunction with our premium funding partners, we create a funding arrangement to match your business needs. The goal is to simplify your insurance cover, free up working capital, and keep your business moving forward.

Payment Solutions

By consolidating policies and spreading insurance payments throughout the year, you can protect your business without risk to your financial health by managing cash flow and keeping your business moving forward.

Features: ​

  • Eliminate the need for large annual payments to insurance companies and spread costs throughout the year.​
  • Attach multiple insurance policies to one contract, so all cover can be paid through a single payment plan.​
  • Get the cover you need without liquidating other assets.  ​
  • Brokers manage the transactions between the insurer/s and the premium finance company, while the client is billed as they would be for a standard insurance policy.​