Life & Health

Keeping Your Life Goals On Course​

Balancing life, health and other forms of insurance cover can be complicated – particularly as life changes. Our in-house Life & Health service offers a complimentary review to ensure that your coverage matches your key business risks or personal lifestyle. 

Our aim is to preserve your long-term financial goals whatever life may throw at you or your business. 

Life & Health

ICIB Brokerweb | Ensure Your Life & Health Insurance Fits Your Lifestyle  

Regularly review and adjust your policies to ensure your coverage fits your future goals and current lifestyle.

ICIB Brokerweb life reviews:  

Business: ​

  • Key Person
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Debt Protection ​
  • Employee Benefits (Group Private Health and Life, Critical Illness and Income/Disability) 


Private: ​

  • Life
  • Trauma
  • Total and Permanent Disablement
  • Income Protection
  • Private Health Insurance ​


Employee Benefits (Group Private Health and Life, Critical Illness and Income/Disability)

Providing insurance benefits for employees is not only a highly valued and effective way of keeping and recruiting staff it also helps to support the wellbeing of your people if they are sick or incapacitated.

Protecting the Health and Wellbeing of Your Team – ICIB Brokerweb Life & Health Benefits

Employee benefits available are made up of a combination of:

  • Group life, disablement, income protection and critical illness insurance
  • Group medical insurance

ICIB Brokerweb Life can help you tailor the best products for your business. The employer determines the level of cover and eligibility they will pay for per eligible employee under the policy.

Employer funded plans offer benefits unavailable under a regular personal plan, such as full cover for pre-existing medical conditions and lower premiums with discounts.  In many cases these preferential options extend to the family of your employee also.

Cover is offered at different levels depending on the number of employees without any application forms or medicals for your employees. This means that your staff will be guaranteed a certain amount of cover in the event of a claim.

How employee benefits pay out at claim time

  • Life cover pays out a lump sum in the event of death or diagnosis of a terminal illness
  • Total and Permanent Disablement pays out a lump sum if your employee was deemed unlikely to ever work again
  • Income Protection pays out a monthly income replacement benefit (of up to 75% of salary) if your employee was unable to work for a period of time due to illness or injury
  • Critical Illness pays out a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a serious medical condition such as diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke or similar major health conditions
  • Group Medical Insurance will enable your staff access to private medical treatment without the usual wait with the public health system. This may also extend to cover specialist consultations and diagnostic tests along with day-to-day expenses such as GP visits, Physiotherapy or Dental check ups (to name a few).

    Minimum group size and other terms and conditions apply.

Adding employee benefits to your overall employee package provides peace of mind to your employees and their families and will also help keep them healthy at work or support them to return to work sooner. 

If you would like to arrange a call with one of our advisers about adding employee benefits to your employment package, or would like a complimentary review of your existing benefits, please contact ICIB Brokerweb Life & Health and we will be happy to assist you.

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