Commercial & industrial

Businesses can be complex, especially as your number of staff grows and your operations grow outside of your region and internationally.

Risk protection built around your business

For SMEs, the risks of running a business are magnified. Where larger businesses have a cushion of financial protection that helps them get through tough periods, smaller businesses have fewer staff, lower budgets, and less cash flow, making them vulnerable to the unexpected.

Every organisation comes with its own unique set of risk factors so it’s essential that your insurance cover is built with those elements in mind. We work with your business to establish your level of risk in a range of areas, then create an insurance solution to fit.

ICIB Brokerweb has a suite of innovative sector-specific insurance products, and  wide-ranging experience and expertise that means we are well-placed to provide risk protection for  any business.

We understand the many challenges businesses face as well as having a range of solutions for specialised industries such as wine & breweries, vehicle rental & hire, transport & logistics, marine services, construction and farming

Industrial and commercial insurance cover solutions can include:

  • Material Damage - replaces business assets after a loss
  • Business Interruption - covers loss of income
  • General Liability - covers your legal costs and compensation payments after accidental damage to third-party property
  • Professional Liability - covers legal defence costs and compensation payments following a breach of professional duty
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle - covers repairs or replacement of vehicles following an accident
  • Cyber Liability - covers loss of income and loss mitigation costs in the event of a cyber breach.

To protect your business and your people

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