Increase in FENZ levy

Increase in FENZ levy

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2024 May 21

From 1 July 2024 there will be a change to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) Levy.

The FENZ levy is the funding instrument for Fire and Emergency New Zealand.  All property insured against the risk of fire (such as home, home contents, commercial property, boats, and cars) attracts a FENZ levy, and although the levy is not an insurance charge (or set by your insurer), insurers are required to collect this levy alongside your insurance premiums.

From 1 July the levy rate will increase from 10.6c per $100 insured, to 11.95c per $100 insured, however the levy is capped for home, home contents, and private motor vehicle policies.  The below table sets out the levy rate and caps applicable:

Boats used for personal purposes (pleasurecraft) are subject to a FENZ levy which is charged at the full rate as detailed above.  Trailered craft will also attract an additional FENZ levy in relation to the trailer (trailers are charged as a motor vehicle).

Please reach out to your ICIB Brokerweb broker should you have any questions, or alternatively further information about the FENZ levy can be found on the FENZ website at