Cyclone Hale - Insurance & claims information

Cyclone Hale - Insurance & claims information

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2023 January 12

As Cyclone Hale moves across the country causing damage to homes and beach properties, our team is here to support you with claims and any questions you may have.

With any weather-related event, safety is always our top priority. Please make sure any damaged buildings are safe to enter and carefully check the structure for damage, as well as gas, water or electrical lines and appliances. 

Never wade through flood water and avoid using vehicles or electrical appliances that might have water damage.  Wear gloves, masks, and protective gear so you don’t come into contact with anything dangerous.

If there’s a risk of further flooding, or you notice water levels rising, move valuables, appliances, and furniture off the floor. Tie down large items, like trampolines and outdoor furniture. If you can, turn trampolines upside down to minimise the risk of lifting.  Move smaller items indoors. 

If you need to make a claim, you can do so using one of the following forms. You may also call us on one of the numbers listed below if you have any immediate concerns.

General Property Claim Form

Motor Vehicle Claim Form

To ensure we can best support you, we recommend that claims are lodged sooner than later.  A brief description of the estimated damage, including photos of damaged or destroyed property, is sufficient to get the process underway.

Please include Flood Damage/ Landslip in the subject line so that your claim is prioritised.

If you have your home insurance arranged via ICIB, it is likely that you will have a limited Alternative Accommodation cover, included in your policy, if it is unsafe for you to be in your home.   

Should you require emergency accommodation for your pets, or supplies e.g., clothing, shoes, other contents, etc we consider these to be emergency costs under extraordinary circumstances.  Please remember to keep a record of costs, including receipts/invoices, incurred to include in your final claim.

Remember our team is here to assist you, whatever your circumstances.  Should you have any queries and want to talk to us in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact your broker directly, or our claims team on or

  • Jerry Wong -       027 700 1831
  • Jamie Reader -   027 700 9745
  • Jeremy Song -    027 217 9302
  • Ben Davies -       027 700 9871

Civil Defence is providing regular updates and tips, which you may find helpful on the Civil Defence website.

Stay safe

The team at ICIB