Why Choose ICIB as your broker?

Why Choose ICIB as your broker?

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2022 January 21

ICIB LIMITED is a leading New Zealand insurance brokerage firm with over 45 years of established history as professional risk advisors to our clients. We are an independent firm who acts for you - not the insurance company - finding and handling the insurance cover that best suits your requirements.

·         We work for you - not the insurance company

·         You have one point of contact – your dedicated broker

·         We do the work

·         We know the market

·         We help with claims

·         We’ll keep your policies up to date

·         We’re professional

Our clients have direct access to personalised service via a dedicated, experienced broker who is supported by a highly capable internal team. We take the stress out of insurance matters by handling all the detailed discussions and negotiations on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with your day.

After a personal assessment we will present tailored and cost-effective insurance options having reviewed your individual needs across a variety of insurance companies. As specialists, we have an in-depth working knowledge of the insurance market with daily contact with many insurance companies. Our brokers therefore know where to obtain the optimal insurance protection at the best value.

Our experience also gives you access to technical advice on how your policies will respond in any claims situation. ICIB is well networked with valuable local affiliations giving us strong negotiation and claims support advantages.

As your circumstances change, our brokers will regularly review your policies ensuring that your protection remains appropriate for you. ICIB will also monitor changes to the economy and the wider insurance market to help suggest amendments to your policies to reflect a continually changing world.

As a member of the national bodies, Insurance Brokers Assoc NZ (IBANZ) and NZbrokers, we are bound by strict standards of conduct and professionalism.